Voucher Purchase

Safety Council lunches may be paid in advance by using vouchers.
Expedite the check-in process at the Monthly Safety Council Meeting.
No Registration Line
No Cash, Check, Credit Card needed at monthly meetings!
Eliminate the need for reimbursement or expense reports after each meeting!

A voucher will allow the representative from your company to by-pass the registration line,
drop off the voucher, sign-in, and proceed into the Safety Council Meeting to begin networking!
Lunch vouchers are $16 each
All on-line orders must be paid by credit card.

Purchase vouchers online here

Check or credit card are also available methods when ordering in the traditional manner via mail-in form.
Click Here for Mail-in Form

After receipt of payment, vouchers will be mailed to the address listed when the order is placed or delivered at the next Safety council meeting.

Vouchers are transferable within your company.
Valid only in the BWC policy year purchased.
Date will be printed on the voucher.
Unused, expired or lost vouchers will not be replaced or refunded.
Questions concerning the Voucher Program or the Medina County Safety Council may be
directed to safety@medinohchamber.com