EmpowHER 2019


A Day in the Life of Empowher:

Empowher 2019 is in the books and it was one for the ages!  We are forever grateful to our committee, our sponsors and all of our guests for making the day such a success.  Thank you to Westfield’s Blair Center staff for assisting in making the day great.

 The day opened with a social hour and a networking mix and mingle.  Guests were tasked with locating the two other missing parts of their pattern puzzle.  When located, the newly formed teams of three discussed superhuman powers, vacations and three commonalities among the group.  Attendees were able to:

1.       Make new connections

2.       Learn something new about someone they already had met

3.       Help identify super skills within other people

The lucky winners took home gift cards and cute mugs from The Book Store

The morning speaker was Stephanie York from Hennes Communications.  She provided an eye-opening and entertaining presentation on communicating effectively in times of crisis.  Highlighted takeaways include; tell the truth, tell it first, tell it all and tell it fast.  No matter the size of your business or the situation you find yourself in, lead with the truth and control the story.  Courage in the face of crisis will have a lasting effect on the outcome of the situation.

Attendees of the event were also treated to a taste of Corporate Yoga, courtesy of Heart Song Yoga Studio.  After a delicious and healthy lunch, guests were encouraged to refocus energies via yogic breathing and light stretching at their chairs.  The room was perfectly quiet as hands were held over hearts for a moment of appreciation in the moment before attention was directed back to the continuing program. 

With renewed focus, Retired Rear Admiral June Ryan of the U.S. Coast Guard was introduced to the stage for the closing keynote.  This highly interactive session had people up and moving, testing their brain limits, and rethinking the power of positive thoughts! 

Thank you to the event sponsors:

Medina County Women’s Journal
Crystal Clinic
Cuyahoga Community College Brunswick University Center
Huntington National Bank
AI Root
Apex Dermatology
Eyedeal Graphics
Heartsong Yoga
Liberty Residence
Maximum Potential Chiropractic
Nature’s Touch Wellness Center
Westfield Bank