Cleveland Indians Business Breakfast

Build A Winning Culture

People matter.  Relationships matter.  That was the secret 150 guests heard about at the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce’s business breakfast featuring the Cleveland Indians front office.  Guests listened as Paul Dolan, owner/CEO and Carter Hawkins, Assistant General Manager was peppered with relevant questions from the emcee, Bob Dibiasio, Cleveland Indians’ Public Affairs Senior Vice President.

Though there were some burning questions asked and answered about certain key players and their contracts, the over one-hour long presentation focused on common business themes that all companies face.

Integrating technology for advanced analytics but maintaining a balance with the old guard and a healthy respect for experience helps to keep the team tops on many stat charts.  Implementing new techniques in an open and honest format has helped to retain many key employees for several years. 

Understanding the life cycle of both players and front office staff helps to set realistic goals on retention in both areas.  Though being a fan of the game never leaves you, there is still a balance to be weighed on star players versus long term success.  The Indians are not an organization that will sacrifice long term excellence for other short term goals.  A business must be willing to make hard choices, even if it means parting ways with great people.   Understanding the mission and end goal helps to clarify answers when facing difficult decisions.

The crowd was happy to again hear the news of manager Terry Francona’s contract extension. Retention of an inspiring key employee is nearly priceless. When asked when Tito would like to get the message out about his contract news, his top priority was his players and not his own good PR.  It was a great example of leadership and his dedication to the players that leave it all on the field for him.

The Cleveland Indians organization exists in a realm filled with headlines and trials in the court of public opinion.  At the core of their operations is still sound business practices and a belief in people that motivates staff to show up daily.  (Even if it might be the day after a game 7 loss after a long rain delay.)

The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce is grateful to the Indians front office for taking the trip to Medina to share a message the resonates with all business, big and small: culture matters. 

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Photography by Mark Hunter Photo